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Help! I missed Court and Have a Warrant!

It is very common to hear of people getting bench warrants in Maryland. A bench warrant is an arrest warrant the judge issues in court from the “bench, to have someone brought back to court. If you are late to court or miss your court date the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest (note: this applies to criminal and traffic cases only). Occasionally these warrants have a preset bond amount but more often than not they simply instruct that the defendant have a new bail hearing.


If you are reading this, there is a high probability you suspect there is a warrant for your arrest. Before you march yourself down to the police station to turn yourself in- consult with an attorney. There are steps an attorney can take that might be able to get the warrant lifted without you needing to turn yourself in. An attorney can file a Motion to Quash the Warrant, which if granted will set the case in for a new court date without needing to turn yourself in and go through a bail hearing.

It can be well worth the effort because some counties are currently running approximately 24-36 hours from the time of arrest to first appearance before a commissioner. That is time that could be spent at work, with kids, or even just catching a nap.

If you have a warrant and want to discuss your options or want to discuss your criminal case, call 301-531-4226.



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